Kiara-AdvaniKiara Advani has had a hectic month of her life with back to back shoots as the actress wrote on her Instagram sharing the news of schedule wrap of one of her upcoming films, Laaxmi Bomb. And this post of hers is grabbing some unusual attention making people wonder “doesn’t she know her own film’s title?

This is because of the Typo in her post. While the correct title is Laaxmi Bomb which is written on the clip boars that she was holding in the picture, she wrote “Laxmmi Bomb” in her caption. Now that is a problem. Mistakes can happen and that is just a human error, but you know everything is a problem on social media. This is going to attract a definite troll onto the actress.

Anyway, coming to the details of the project, Laaxmi Bomb is a remake of Tamil super hit, Kanchana in Hindi. The film is being directed by Raghava Lawrence himself with Akshay Kumar and Kiara in the lead roles. Now the team has wrapped up a schedule and the actress has another remake Kabir Singh to come on screens next month.