Ileana-D'Cruz-Was-Bullied-on-Telugu-Film-Sets!!!Of late, Ileana seems to be opening up about her fears, depression phase and also her insecurities. One of her biggest insecurities that she mentioned several times was about her body which she thought to be imperfect.

She says that she was bullied on the sets of debut Telugu movie ‘Devadas’. Those who made fun of her said that she wouldn’t be successful as an actor and she didn’t have that thing to become an actor. Ileana took their comments to heart and believed that she had no future as an actor.

She cried and wanted to run away from the sets of the film. But then, her mother explained her about the agreement and how she can’t run away from the commitment. Indeed, her mother didn’t force her but made her complete her first movie and even gave Ileana the choice to return to her hometown, Goa.