Ileana D'Cruz's Tough Counter to the Critic KRKWe don’t want to name Kamal R Khan as a critic, but he keeps struggling to make people believe that he is a critic. Well, this dummy critic made absurd comments on the hot actress Ileana about her sex life and Ileana responded to his comments in the best way.

KRK wrote about her Australian boyfriend who is a father of 3 kids and that she is lucky to get him, then asked what is the problem in doing Deshdrohi 2 with him who is a father of only two. Well, that is too much of taunting on the private life of a celebrity. And how do you think Ileana reacted to his ridiculous comments?

She didn’t even bother to have a look at his tweets as she says. “I don’t give importance to people who don’t matter to me and for the people who won’t make any difference in my life”: Says Ileana. Not just her, actually no one gives an eye on what KRK thinks. He just tries to show himself up on the screens somehow.