I Love Salman Khan Unconditionally - TabuTabu is going great in Bollywood doing films at her own leisure, with those people who she is comfortable with. She will appear in a brief role in Salman Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Bharat’. What was her role in ‘Bharat’ s she was completely missing in the trailer?

Why was she missing in the trailer and what was her role, actually? Will she be at least part of the promotional activities of the movie? Tabu was quite open when she said that she had only one scene in the movie and what could she talk about that single in the promotions. So, she wouldn’t be there for promotions. That also explains why she was missing in the trailer.

Why did she do a single scene in Bharat’? It’s because of Salman Khan. Tabu says that she loves him unconditionally as heroes like him are family and their relationship can’t be given a name.

This isn’t the first time she did a brief role in Salman’s movie. Tabu had cameo to extended cameo appearances in several of Salman’s movies. Yes, she values her unconditional relationships.