I have court cases so what? salman khanSuperstar Salman Khan is definitely in black mood for the flak he is facing on social media and also reputed sports-persons who had criticized the decision of Salman Khan being selected as the Goodwill Ambassador of Rio Olympics.

Salman blew his top when he heard the backlash on his selection and asked why isn’t Sachin Tendulkar and AR Rahman’s selection questioned and why isn’t their selection given the same footage as his selection in the media.

He asks, “I have court cases. So what?” In a recent interaction, Salman almost blasted putting forward his argument that Sachin played only one sport and Rahman not even one and also saying that many big politicians have court cases on them.

As kids, every one might have played their favorite sports and hence one need not be a sportsperson to be the Goodwill ambassador argues the superstar. Did Salman unleash one more fresh controversy? Let’s wait and see.