Human Vulnerabilities - RGV Crosses All BordersRGV wants to laugh at the Central Board of Film Certification which always had been strict with the type of violence and sex he shows in his films. As if to ignore the CBFC and make films on whatever content he likes and whatever he wants to show, he is now releasing a series of short films.

The latest one is ‘The Foreigner’. To say the least, the film revolves around one scene in which the leading lady is shown sporting her underwear throughout. The focus point of the camera was only the actress groin and her visible assets. The lower part of the body is focused and it is outrageous, for sure.

This short film is directed by Taruna Kanagwal and it looks he made another ‘Ice Cream’ where we saw RGV focusing on the below part of Tejaswi Madivada. It’s not different and nothing special except the sensuous show of the lead actress.