Rajinikanth Heroine Huma Qureshi Turning Zareena - KaalaThough Huma Qureshi is relatively an unknown name across the South Film Industries till recently, she is popular as superstar Rajinikanth’s heroine who romanced him in the superstar’s upcoming release ‘Kaala’.

Like many other Bollywood heroines who shared their casting couch experiences, Huma Qureshi accepted that there indeed is casting couch and sees it as a menace that to do a lot with power. She was sexually advanced by not only the people in the film industry but also from the people in other occupations, as well.

Huma observed the fate of the women who speak & open up against the casting couch and how they are subjected to shame. People turn judgmental about the character of those women who open up about their experiences about sexual harassment and especially, casting couch in the industry.