Top Star Hrithik Roshan Trolled for Violating Traffic Not all noble intentions can be conveyed in a proper manner if the manner of conveying wasn’t chosen rightly. Bollywood top star Hrithik Roshan has been on the receiving end for taking up the fitness challenge when he was nominated by none other than Union Minister Rajyavardhan Singh.

Responding to the Minister’s challenge, Hrithik Roshan shot a selfie video when he was commuting from his house to his office on Mumbai roads riding a bicycle. He advised his followers to do the same and buy a bicycle as it helps us to stay fitter and close to our Mother Earth. But then, didn’t he violate the traffic rules?

He was trolled by the Twitterati for using a mobile while commuting as his act might send wrong signals and it’s not safe for others as he was seen using the earphones while shooting the selfie video and talking about his experience.

Taking note of the point put forward by the trolls, even Mumbai Police responded asking the details of the location where Hrithik violated traffic rules. Well, this is called a good message conveyed in a wrong way. Oops!