Hrithik Roshan - The Actress Kangana Ranaut Came Knocking at My Door , MidnightWell, if you are thinking that we are going to once again talk about the infamous spat between Bollywood stars Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan, you are absolutely right. It’s Kangana-Hrithik’s battle, again.

This time, the story is said from Hrithik’s perspective as he rightly says that this spat is expecting the well being of not only his self but the people around him and especially his family. He reiterated that their relationship was strictly professional and he always felt proud when she gave it all for the characters she essayed in his movies.

In a recent interview, he narrated an incident when the actress came to his room a midnight, totally drunk and wanted to talk with him. But he called Kangana’s sister Rangoli who took away Kangana. The emails she sent were personal and limited to the inbox and hence, he maintained silence, all in all,

Hrithik’s latest Facebook post he shared and the interview is targeted at telling audiences that he has been quiet as he didn’t want to disrespect women and also believes that, when a woman plays a victim card, everyone believes her.