Housefull-3-funny-trailer-talkIn the recent times, a full on comedy film didn’t come to entertain the audiences with pure comedy without any duble meaning dialogues and sleazy content. Here is ‘Housefull ‘ to fill that vacancy and we promise yout that the trailer is a laughter riot.

Starring Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachan and Reteish Deshmukh as the male leads and Jacqueline Fernanades, Nargis Fakri and Lisa Haydon as their counterparts, the trailer promises full time comedy dose with neatness and healthy comedy.

More than words, watching the trailer would definitely make you know how neat and entertaining a comedy can be if done properly. Watching an action hero Akshay Kumar in a comic role is really amusing and other actors too fit their bills perfectly. Here is the trailer for you.