Heroes trap Heroines, use & dump them? says raveena tandonRaveena Tandon, Balakrishna’s heroine in ‘Bangaru Bullodu’ has written something very bold on her blog about the way heroines are treated in the film industry and how the advent of social media has changed the perspective a little.

In her article, Raveena wrote that married heroes used to trap younger heroines, use them and dump them. When the heroine gives the slightest inclination of being in affair with the hero, then the hero and his troupe of chamcha journalists do everything to tarnish the image of young heroine.

Sometimes the heroines are written off as mentally disabled and even beaten up by the hero and his wife. Some where even driven to the extent of madness. Now, the times have changed a bit. Young actresses have a platform to share their views more openly on a platform like social media like in the case of Kangana Ranaut.