here-is-the-pic-of-ancestral-home-aamir-khan-eyedAamir Khan expressed his wish on the eve of his birthday to buy his mother ancestral property located in Varanasi. He stated that he will try to buy the property to fulfill his mother only wish. He said that he will request the current owners of the Khwaja Manzil, where his mother spent her childhood, and get it.

When media looked about the Khwaja Manzil, they shocked to see nothing but rubble and some children started playing cricket in that space. The property bought by Chauthi Ram Sahu and his brother Raja Ram Sahu, through bidding in 1947 from Aamir Khan’s mother’s family. But the brother’s children moved to other houses as this house is getting older.

A former corporate and part of owner in the property, Badrinarayan Gupta, says he and his brothers are in no mood to sell the property to the actor.