Hema Malini Responds on Her Drinking DailyHema Malini responded on the comments that lawmaker Bacchu Kadu made in the defense of the farmers suicide. She said her name is being used by him just to derive mileage and get some publicity.

Bacchu passed comments that farmers were not committing suicide for drinking, referring to Hema Malini that she never committed suicide despite drinking daily. Hema Malini supposed, God help him and was not interested to be involved in the issue.

Bacchu is not new for such controversies. He has got people’s attention in the past by climbing a water tank and threatened to jump from if police try to stop him. This scene was from the popular movie Sholay, that Hema Malini enacted in. Well, Hema didn’t address the allegation that he made that she drinks daily. Why would she? That is not that important anyway.