He Offered a Midnight Back Rub for the Actress Radhika Apte!Radhika Apte is one Bollywood Actress who always stands against the women exploitation in Cinema. We have seen her raising voice against many such acts in the industry. She revealed one such event happened to her when her male costar tried to take advantage.

“I had actually hurt my back and it was badly sore. We did the shoot and while I was heading back to my room. this guy was in the same lift. We worked together for the film but did not speak much. He said, Let me know if you need some help in the night, I can come and give your back a rub,” the actress revealed.

The actress then complained about its to the makers and they had a meeting with him in person. He reportedly apologized to her and never made her uncomfortable later. This is yet another harassment stories revealed by Radhika Apte.