Shahid-Kapoor---Arjun-Reddy-Remake---Kabir-SinghThere is one new story coming out of Shahid Kapoor’s preparation journey for Kabir Singh. Earlier he revealed that he interacted with Delhi college boys and even borrowed their clothes for the shooting to get that originality to the role. Here is a new story of his self “training” for Arjun Reddy role.

As Shahid says, he spent a lot of time with the surgeons at hospitals to understand the attitude and the skill filled behavior of the doctors to get into the character properly and he says that interaction helped him a lot to perfect the surgeon role who is heartbroken, alcoholic, drug addict and best at his profession as a doctor.

Apparently, Shahid wasted a lot of time in knowing and perfecting the role of the cult movie. He should have watched Deverakonda‘s performance from the original, Arjun Reddy instead.

No one can match the Rowdy for sure but Shahid did a lot of work to match and reach the expectations set by Vijay. Kabir Singh is for release on 21st and let’s see if Shahid’s hard work shows it on screen.