Kangana Ranaut - RangoonIt is there in any film industry to pull that actor especially the heroine of the film down if they face failure a few times. Though she had faced failures, Kangana has managed to keep her star bar up with the mixed flow of her career. She has never lost her confidence when she faced failures in her career. But now she feels down with the failure of Rangoon as she says.

Kangana is known for her outspoken nature for which she faced quite a few controversies. But she never seemed to agree her defeat and kept fighting to grow up. Speaking with an interviewer regarding how she feels about the failure of Rangoon, she said “I feel like S**t.

The queen has opinionated that she never felt so down but as she was targeted by many at her vulnerable phase of career, it felt like she is made responsible for the failure of the film. Meanwhile, Kangana has also revealed that a scene where she (Julia) whips herself brutally was deleted and the end of the film was not packed as they expected. As of now, she has got a hand full of projects in her hand with “Simran” done with her shoot and “Manikarnika” to start with in June.