Rustom Mohenjo Daro Screen CountThis Friday is surely going to be an eventful one at the box office with Hrithik Roshan‘s Mohenjo Daro and Akshay Kumar‘s Rustom all set to open the same night. Emotions are running high and people are excited to see both the films. But when it comes to the pre-release Akshay’s Rustom won the first round considering the promotional content of both films. However, the second round seems to be bagged by Hrithik with Mohenjodaro bagging approximately 2500 screens to Rustom’s 2000 screens.

This brings the two films neck to neck which could lead to a big clash between them this Friday. There is also the question whether Hrithik’s reputation was destroyed over the whole Kangna debacle or if Akshay is making sure to sideline Hrithik because he is not confident of Rustom’s success.

While Bollywood Pundits ponder over these, Hrithik has come out to support both Akshay and his film Rustom. He tweeted “#MohenjoDaro is just days away. And so is #Rustom (wink) @akshaykumar #dostiKiHaiToNibhaniPadegi.” Hrithik did this to put an end to the controversy that he is deeply upset about most of the industry folks supporting Rustom.