For-Once,-Controversial-Actress-Poonam-Pandey-Makes-Nation-ProudPerhaps, Poonam Pandey had to bear the brunt of social media trolls umpteen times for her sleazy, and overtly exposing pics and seducing videos. But for once, she did something that made the entire nation feel proud of her.

When she chanced upon an advertisement released by Pakistan ahead of India-Pakistan world cup match that made mockery of our war hero Abhidandan Varthaman mocking his interaction that was released, and asking him to give back their cup.

“Dear Pakistan! That’s not cool making fun of a war hero. Why settle for a tea cup when I actually you can have a D Cup,” saying this, she removed her bra and added that they can have her bra as their cup and if they want, they can also have tea in the bra cups. Stupendous!

That was a straight slap on the face of those puny people who could think of using a war hero to belittle a nation. Well done, Poonam! The nation will certainly remember this act of yours. Bravo! Watch how Poonam shocked Pakistan with her rocking answer.