Rustom, Rustom First Talk, Rustom Theater Talk, Rustom Review, Rustom Ratings, Rustom Public Talk, Rustom Twitter Talk, Rustom Fans TalkAkshay Kumar’s much awaited upcoming movie is all set for its release this Friday, clashing with Hrithik’s ‘Mohenjo Daro’, and there is a lot of speculation about the film. With just the release of the trailers of both movies, ‘Rustom’ had come out as the easy winner and reviews from last night premiers and social media suggest the same.

The movie, a courtroom drama, had everyone at the edge of their seats during the trailer itself but early watchers claim the film to be slow paced. Based on the popular yet ill-famed Nanavati case, the movie featured a story which is predictable. However, the director’s take on the case was quite refreshing.

The main story, which revolves around a navy officer Rustom finding out about his wife’s infidelity and killing the lover instantly, takes up the first part of the film with the second half, a bit slower than the first, flips between flashbacks of Rustom and wife Cynthia’s love story and the thrilling whodunit and why of the case.

With no songs and a serious and intense storyline, the film could easily be called dull and boring had it not been for the suspense factor and Akshay’s excellent acting.