Taapsee Pannu Pays Back in His Own CoinTaapsee Pannu started her career as an actress through Telugu films and only after earning her share here, she went to Mumbai to experiment in Bollywood. In Mumbai, people were not interested in renting an apartment for an actress who was single.

Sharing her initial days of struggle in Mumbai, Taapsee Pannu revealed that she didn’t face the same problem in Hyderabad where there was no problem for space like in her hometown, Delhi. Only after a month’s struggle, she finally got a flat for rent.

It’s good to hear her say something good about South, though. Many times, Taapsee talked ill about the way the South Film Industries work, making fun of even reputed filmmakers etc.

Hyderabad became like her home town when she was doing films in South, especially, celebs like Manchu Lakshmi were a pillar of support for the newcomer, back then.

Keeping aside her TFI days in Hyderabad, Taapsee Pannu became a name to reckon with for her brilliant performances. She earned fame, name and also is a proud owner of two high-end flats in Mumbai. What a journey, pretty lady!