Fans Super Thrilled As Shah Rukh Khan Teases His True Heir Aryan KhanTo all the fans of Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan who have been depressed with the continuous poor show of their favourite star, here is an update to cheer up the mood. The star, it seems, is looking the most significant box office success in years, indirectly though. But that is not it.

The Lion King is the next big outing in India from Hollywood after the final Avengers movie that came earlier in the year. It is getting dubbed in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil with prominent actors lending their voice. For example, in Telugu, Natural Star Nani is giving his voice for lead character Simba.

In Hindi, the voiceover is given by Shah Rukh Khan and his son Aryan Khan. The former lends voice for Mufasa, the reigning King of the jungle whereas the later dubs for Simba, the heir to the throne. The father and son duo is a perfect combination if ever there was one.

Today, a new teaser has been released from the Hindi dubbing of The Lion King featuring the voice of Aryan Khan. The uncanny similarity with dad SRK has caught everyone by surprise. The dialogue delivery is fabulous. The fans are so happy that they feel the heir of Shah Rukh has finally arrived.

actor Check out the teaser below to know why the fans feel so. The Lion King hits cinemas all over India on July 19th in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi along with the original English version.