Alia-Bhatt-Falling-for-Rajamouli-Is-a-Blunder,-Says-MediaAt present, Rajamouli is occupied with his multi-starrer mega project RRR while the media is busy trying to get updates. As the boss is in no mood to give away anything from the shooting space, media is left to speculate.

According to the latest speculations, Alia Bhatt made a big blunder by falling for Rajamouli as the filmmaker is making a film in which everything would be about the roles being essayed by NTR and Ram Charan and no one else matter.

Alia Bhatt’s character would be a mere prop with limited screen space with a couple of songs and a few scenes to lure North audiences. They say, it would be a dumb character which doesn’t need a heroine of Alia’s status.

Keeping aside the reports, we are hopeful as we have seen that his female characters got better with every film. Baahubali had several strong female characters and we can’t judge Rajamouli just for the heck of it. What say, folks?