rgv angry birdsIn a recent interview RGV agreed there is a big threat for Bollywood movies from Hollywood after the humungous success of Hollywood film ‘The Jungle Book’ and the time has come to wake up. How true they turned out to be!

Little did he know that, it is his movie which is going to be affected by a Hollywood movie next.

Hollywood movie ‘The Angry Birds’ collected Rs.2.16 crores on the opening day, while RGV’s much promoted ‘Veerappan’ collected Rs.1.77 crores, despite positive reviews from the critics that it is RGV’s comeback movie after a long time.

This in turn in like a wake up call for the film industries in India and the underlying threat from Hollywood movies. They need to plan their releases keeping in view the release dates and businesses of Hollywood movies released in India. The growing market for Hollywood in India is definitely alarming by the present trend.