End of the Day, It Is All FREE Promotion

End-of-the-Day,-It-Is-All-FREE-Promotion-for-Arjun-Reddy-RemakeLike Telugu Arjun Reddy was mired with controversies that did all the necessary free promotion for the movie simultaneously. The same thing is repeating for ‘kabir singh‘ as well.

Critics are attacking the movie tagging it as mysogynistic and online debates, electronic and print media coverage of this attack means, just free publicity for the movie.

It’s like wagging tongues are having their field day while Kabir Singh is running successfully in the theaters without any impact of those controversies. Nowadays, controversies are actually selling points.

This coverage will keep the buzz alive for longer period than it would actually be and that too, for free. The thing is, both the original and the Bollywood remake are benefitting from the controversies.

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