The clash of Raees and Kaabil starring Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan has been hyped up very much in the last few months. Most it was due to the war of words from both sides. It was even continued in the promos as well. Now, the D-day has arrived, so who is the winner?

Here are early reports from the screenings of the film Raees and Kaabil respectively. Buzz is that both are average to above average movies, with the overall balance tilting more towards the average side. The lead actors of both the films are the backbones of respective films.

The problem is the predictable nature of the story and clichéd narration in both films. As of now, Raees is leading in the advances but if this early talk is settled, he could be an easy winner in the end. An average film from SRK is most likely to be the bigger grosser compared to an average one from Hrithik. For the latter this is a very crucial film, can he spring a surprise?