Disha-Patani---Hrithik-Roshan-RumorsThough it is a personal issue, celebrity affairs sale on the internet like hotter than the popcorn. Some turn out real and many are just hoaxes but at the end of the day, such writings are always a pain for the victims. To the latest, the Bollywood handsome Hrithik Roshan suffered the false affair rumors on the internet and check out how he busted the hoax.

The rumors read, Hrithik to be harassing Disha Patani for a date with constant texts which is why the actress had to reject a huge project with the popular hero. However, the duo took to social media busting the guilty who are spreading the rumors. While Disha clarified that it is completely untrue saying It’s her regard for the hero that made her to even respond on it.

Hrithik’s give back was hilarious though. Taking on one of the fake news posts, the actor asked if they work out and suggested to do 20 donkey kicks, 20 Monkey rolls and two dog jumps to eliminate such trash out of the body. Once a thief, always a thief they say. Here he is not.