Dishoom, Dishoom Censor Issues, Dishoom Censor Trouble, Dishoom Censor Copy, Dishoom CBFC Copy, Dishoom Censor Encrypted CopyWe all have heard stories about secret codes in our childhood and very excited on the thought of decoding something. Here Censor Board is doing the same to stop piracy and online leakage of a film’s footage.

In this regard, Bollywood film ‘Dishoom’ happens to be the first film to submit an encrypted copy of their film for CBFC for certification. This is done to prevent any leakage from CBFC as alleged earlier when few films like ‘Udta Punjab’ and ‘Great Grand Masti’ leaked before release.

CBFC chief, Pehlaj Nihalani took this stop to ensure that film makers feel safe to submit their film’s copy. So, instead of a DVD, an encrypted copy would serve the purpose and also make the film safe from leaking from this destination at least. The makers of ‘Dishoom’ are particularly happy for the CBFC’s movie.