MS-DhoniRemember Prabahs‘ having a waterfall shower in Baahubali? Reminding us the same, Dhoni posted a video of him having a head massage under a waterfall where he had many memories from his younger days. The video has gone viral on the internet with the fans enjoying their favorite cricketer enjoying his moment.

“With 3 waterfalls around Ranchi, v cd do this whenever v wanted but now to do something like this after more than 10yrs brings back the good old memories. head massage for free”, wrote the cool captain. Dhoni was seen standing firm under the waterfall as the fall gave him the massage that he wants.

The star after retiring from test matches is living his leisure life to the fullest with such moments and vacations and has become more active on the social media as he keeps sharing his moments with his fans. Now who do you think enjoyed the waterfall massage best? Prabhas or Dhoni?