Deepika Padukone Goes Unrecognized in Abu DhabiAn embarrassing incident for top Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone happened recently. Apparently, the actress, despite her worldwide fame, went unnoticed by a man in Abu Dhabi and couldn’t help introducing herself. However, when the man didn’t recognize her still, she went on to name a couple of her movies. Sadly, it still backfired for her when he didn’t seem to care.

A twitter user @beckyitter shared this little tale via a series of post with the man being Becky’s uncle. In one of her tweets, Becky revealed that her Khalu and Deepika had adjacent rooms in a hotel and the incident when he couldn’t recognize her happened in the elevator.

Her posts also revealed that Deepika invited him over to her table at breakfast despite it all when she saw him eating alone.