Daily Mail Negative Publicity Story Deepika PadukoneIn the glamour world, the celebrities had to be open to all kinds of challenges; there might be praises and also criticism. At present, Bollywood top actress Deepika Padukone‘s fashion sense is criticised by one British daily.

Deepika’s dress she wore to MTV Europe Music Awards 2016 is criticised as a big blunder by the British daily ‘Daily Mail’. Though Deepika’s outfit has no wow factor to be bestowed upon with praises, it is actually not really so bad to be called a blunder. What’s behind this criticism?

According to reports on Indian media, the comments of ‘Daily Mail’ were prejudiced and can be traced back to their own blunder when they reported a dinner date of tennis star Novak Djokovic and failed to recognize the actor and just wrote ‘long legged brunette’.

After big time slamming from Indian fans, the British daily had to edit their piece of write up and rewrite using Deepika Padukone’s name as a popular Bollywood actress. Is this criticism a kind of revenge on Deepika? What do you think about it?