Dancing-Uncle-Beats-Star-Hero-Govinda-on-Stage!Wow, how does that feel to meet your inspiration which is impossible in your terms and yet you have been waiting for that moment with a blind hope? We get to see that feeling on stage with the social media dance star famous as Dancing Uncle showing his skill sharing stage with his inspiration Govinda!

From where to where did the Engineering professor reached you see! That video where he danced for “Aapke Aa Jane Se” at a function made him a star and Govinda reacting on the video and appreciating Mr. Shrivastava’s moves were the first achievements for him and now a Hindi TV dance show has prepared the stage for the duo to shake leg side by side.

The channel released a promo of the same with a clip where the star hero and the dancing star were dancing for the same song running in the background and we couldn’t miss the perfect moves of our Dancing uncle. That’s how the common man beat his favorite star on stage. An amazing moment for any commoner, isn’t it?