Coffee madness: Deepika Padukone  concern for beverages, XXX, The Xander Cage,hollywoodMany people in India begin their day cherishing a hot cup of coffee or tea. Bollywood top actress Deepika Padukone is no different. She is very fond of savoring coffee and also has great liking for tea even. Hence she keeps a considerable stock of beverages at home.

But since she was shooting abroad for her Hollywood venture ‘XXX, The Xander Cage’, she ran out of her favorite beverages. When she came to Srilanka, she found it out. Then she had to get her stock of beverages again when she was leaving for the shoot of her Hollywood movie.

She would be carrying her beverages along with her when she returns to shooting for her international project. This liking for tea and coffee will help her bond well with her co-stars there. That’s how we Indians bond over tea and coffee. Don’t we?