Sam Gogineni | March 19, 2017 at 2:38 pm |

“‘He Clicked Nude Pictures and Raped Me Repeatedly”

Hyderabad Cops Book Chennai Express Producer Karim MoraniShowing a dark and horrifying side of Bollywood, well known film producer Karim Morani has been accused of repeated sexual violations by a Delhi based lady. The survivor who is a 25 year old woman has filed a case against Morani at the Hayathnagar police station in Hyderabad accusing him of drugging and raping her on multiple occasions.

The complainant had been living in Mumbai for the last two years and was close with Morani’s daughter. She was once invited by Karim to celebrate the completion of a song in Dilwali and woke up next day with pain in her abdomen. The first instance of the sexual violation happened in July 2015 and this continued for a year and a half. Morani continued to intimidate the complainant with blackmail of exposure and threats of shooting until the victim managed to gather the strength to register a complaint.

The recent update regarding this case is that Morani has been denied anticipatory bail and has been called for hearing on March 17. He has also been directed him to surrender himself to the police on or before March 22.

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