'Chinnari Pellikuturu' Actress Mahhi Vij Slapped the MolesterMahhi Vij, basically a popular television actress who was seen no the popular telly daily soap ‘Balika Vadhu’ aka ‘Chinnari Pellikuturu’ in Telugu. The actress is known for the way she can be bold and fight for herself. Here is an example.

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Recently, when the actress was partying with her husband and friends, a man came behind her and groped her. Immediately, the actress didn’t give a second thought to slap the molester hard, twice. Even then, the guy didn’t repent his action and there was no such feeling on his face.

Before she could get her husband, the molester vanished from the party. This kind of incidents are becoming common these days. She was with her husband and friends, even then there was no security for her because of the menial mindset of such sick people.

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