Befikre Censor Rating ControversyIt has been a long war between the filmmakers and the Central Board of Film Certification pertaining to the matter of kissing and bold scenes in Indian films. So, one expects a spicy controversy to erupt when a film like ‘Befikre’ with 23 kissing scenes is sent to the censor.

Can you believe that the makers of ‘Befikre‘ sent the movie two months back and the CBFC didn’t find time to view the movie till now? Guess, what the reason could be. CBFC has already passed some kissing scenes featured in the trailer of the movie and even if they suggest cuts, the producer and the director of the movie have a choice, an option precisely.

They can approach the tribunal and make their stuff pass without any cuts like it happened for ‘Udta Punjab’. Pehlaj is taking it slow to reach a neutral territory with the makers, instead of going for cuts. Will the CBFC stick to the liberal stance they took for the trailer?

What would happen to the remaining kissing scenes in the movie? Will the CBFC find them aesthetic enough to let them remain in the movie? When will the CBFC crew view and certify the film? The makers had announced the release date as December 9. Waiting.