Baabubali Presenter Karan Johar Gets The Flak For Dhadak  Cheap PublicityThe epic Baahubali movies were presented in Hindi by notable producer Karan Johar. He is a director and producer renowned for publicity. For his latest flick though, he is getting flak.

In two days a new film from Karan Johar’s banner Dharma Productions is going to be out. It is Dhadak that marks the debut of late Sridevi’s daughter, Janhvi. The movie has been getting favourable publicity right from the poster launch, and there is enough curiosity among the public to check out on Friday. It is the reason why many feel the latest Ad was needless.

A new short clip from the promo material has gone viral where Janhvi is shown crying for mother. It is part of the movie, alright, but one can quickly make out that it is highlighted to evoke the memory of Sridevi. The fans of the legend and critics have called out the maker for this useless cheap publicity gimmick at this late hour.