Arjun-Reddy-Vs-Kabir-SinghArjun Reddy remake Kabir Singh is filling the box office with heaps of collections. Being one of the rare films that crossed the hundred crore mile in such a short time, the film is expected to cross the 200 crore milestone in no time. Well, the film is bagging a bigger number than the original for sure but will it really replace Arjun Reddy and make people forget about it?

No, we don’t think so. At least the fans of Arjun Reddy like this guy on Twitter say it can be possible to make it a bigger grosser for Kabir Singh, but Arjun Reddy cannot be forgotten no matter how big the remake goes making a lot of news. Of course, Kabir Singh has already grossed 180 crores and 250 crore is a sure number with trade pundits pointing a lifetime run of 300 crores.

This doesn’t mean that the first will fade out of the fame that the remake is getting now. Arjun Reddy will remain as the first love for many just like several other originals did. After all, it is not only the box office numbers but the soul of the film makes it unforgettable. What say?