Arjun Reddy Remake Kabir Singh Role Was his Idea - Shahid KapoorFor a guy like Shahid Kapoor who is deeply into following the spiritual path of the Delhi Elite’s Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB), who is a teetotaller and who is a non-smoker and -non-drinker, playing a totally contrasting character, an intentional role like Arjun Reddy isn’t a joke.

The protagonist in ‘Arjun Reddy’ is a smoker, drinker and doesn’t adhere to spiritual values of family system etc., that means nothing like Shahid Kapoor in real life. So, the Bollywood star knows that he has got into a challenging role, and as an actor, it’s necessary that he pushes his boundaries, understands and empathizes with the role he has to play.

Not an easy job, isn’t it? Why did the makers title the remake as ‘Kabir Singh’? It’s because the character hails from Punjab in the remake, and the title is Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s idea. Despite this dissimilarity, there seems to be a lot of similarities between the original and the remake.

The Bollywood star asks the audiences down South to watch the movie with an open mind even though they had been the fans of the cult classic ‘Arjun Reddy’.

He knows that there would be comparisons, but they would be limited only to the South belt. For the Hindi speaking belt, ‘Kabir Singh’ is an entirely a new movie, and they would watch it with a fresh mind.