Arjun Kapoor Called a RapistSocial media users have a powerful weapon with them and that weapon is called ‘a troll’. We see the actresses being trolled and body shamed several times for their appearances and the kind of outfits they choose to flaunt.

But notoriously, the trolls are shifting their focus. Perhaps, these trolls are showing gender equality and now trolling male actors based on their appearances. Bollywood young hero Arjun Kapoor must be shell-shocked when he read a tweet calling him a creep, criminal and rapist because of his appearance.

Nevertheless, Arjun Kapoor gave a befitting reply observing that this kind of trolling from a woman is saddening. He called this act as shameful for casually using the term ‘rapist’. The woman immediately deleted her tweet. Boney Kapoor’s son Arjun Kapoor is one of the favorites for the trolls.