Who else would it be? It is Anushka Sharma who used to make an appearance at all the matches of Virat and stopped it due to trolls made on her whenever the match is lost. Now as the IPL is up, Anushka came into the picture again. Not at the stadium but off the field.

We all know that Virat has got a shoulder injury during Australia Vs India test match and couldn’t make it to the last match in IPL. He is now undergoing physiotherapy sessions and everyone is hoping that he would be seen in the next match. While this is here, Anushka Sharma showed up at the physiotherapy center were Virat is being treated in Bangalore.

The duo is seen together coming out of the building while Anushka moved towards her car and Virat as usual escorts her. These pictures of them together are going viral on the internet again. It is a feast for the fans to see the couple together and the news of them together never gets older. Let’s see if Virat gets a boost on Anushka’s visit and turns up in the next match.