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Actress Found Dead Hanging to the Fan!

Anjali Srivastava Found Dead Hanging to the Fan!Bhojpuri Film actress Anjali Srivastava was found dead today in her flat in Andheri West Mumbai. The incident came out when the panicked family of the Actress for not answering their calls have called the Society personnel and asked to check on her.

As the reports say, Anjali’s society personnel opened the door of her apartment with the duplicate keys only to find her hanging lifeless to the ceiling fan in her room. They rushed her to the hospital immediately and was of no use as the doctors confirmed that she is dead already.

There was no suicide note found in the apartment but the sources say that she has been sharing posts of disturbing life lately on her social media account. Police registered the case and the investigation on with the police speaking with the apartment personnel who opened the door and the actresses relatives. Anjali was last seen in the Bhojpuri movie “Kehu Ta Dil Mein Ba”.