Aamir thinking buying ancestral property!These days it’s not a big thing for actors to gain weight for the characters they play on screen and also lose weight after. But it isn’t easy and it isn’t suggested either as there would be a lot of health risks. Aamir Khan is undergoing the same phase currently.

He is losing weight very quickly. It is said that he lost 13 kgs weight in just three weeks. He had to lose 12 kgs more. We know, he gained almost 40 kgs weight to look a middle-aged wrestler in his upcoming biopic ‘Dangal’. Since those portions were shot, he needs to get back to slimmer look.

Hence the actor is working out in US for 6 hours daily and we can see the result. He is definitely back to the slimmer look when he was spotted in Mumbai when he flew back from US to celebrate his birthday with his mother. Stars like him are playing with heath, aren’t they?