robo 2.0 Akshay KumarAction hero, comedy hero, serious hero and a macho man.. are all the adjectives people use while talking about Khiladi Kumar aka Akshay Kumar in Bollywood. These phrases reveal his versatility and the kind of films he does.

These days, he is frequently asked the question why he chose to play a villain in Shankar-Rajinkanth’s ‘2.0’. A bit away from the regular answer ‘I couldn’t reject a Rajnikanth’s film and miss working with the superstar’, Akshay has got something new to say this time.

He says, he wants to be the best in whatever he lays hands upon. If he has accepted to play a villain, he wants to be the best villain competing with himself to give his best. As an actor, Akshay has tried his hand at everything… comedy, action, biographies, roles with negative shades, serious roles etc. But playing an out an out villain role is the first for him.