Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Wired RumorActresses always stand first to be rumored on the internet with nonsense stuff. If a day goes with out a gossip, then people find some or the other thing to create a fake news just to make it viral for free money and it actually works most of the times.

The top most actress Aishwarya is being rumored for chopping off her hair at Tirumala to stay beautiful forever. They have attached this skillfully morphed picture of hers where she looks actually bald. Oh! So jobless these people are. The picture is so deceiving that some would seriously believe that Aish got shaved.

Here is the actual picture of her at a temple with the hair tied back. Anyways, she should have already got habituated to be involved in such fake news. People would have that curiosity for her fame to spend a click just to see what is happening with her whether or not the news worth it.