Adah-Sharma-Gets-Naughty-with-Traditional-DressAdah Sharma has been quite active on social media and the girl is keeping the weather hot with her pictures. Those are not bikini pictures but there is enough room for a naughty skin show. Check out her video where the actress took the Kiki Challenge and danced gracefully in the traditional attire with her mark of proper exposing.

She wrote that she just snapped out from the shoot to do the challenge and looks like Adah is doing a good dance number for Commando 3. The actress looked cute and sexy in the attire where she resembled one of the angels traveled down to earth from heaven.

Adah flaunted apt western moves to the beat but also added a tint of desi bit at the end that matched her attire. Fans are going crazy with her dance moves and the expressions. She is way different from that Adah Sharma that we know as a Telugu actress. Enjoy watching the video.