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Actress` Horrible Adult Joke with Waiter

Actress Riya Sen Horrible Adult Joke with WaiterDaughter of well-known Bollywood actress Moon Moon Sen, Riya Sen has made her own mark on Bollywood as a bold actress with films like Style, Shaadi No 1 etc. As of now, though, Riya is seen more on the Bengali film scene more than Bollywood industry.

Most notably, the actress is known for her bold acceptance of her sexuality although her particular brand of bravado may even get her trouble sometimes.

Case in point is an event that happened when Riya was at a popular restaurant in Andheri known for their naughty cocktail titled Sex on the Beach as well as a similar sounding egg dish titled Eggs on the Beach. Now Riya, who was looking for some eggs absent-mindedly asked the waiter if she could have some Sex, please?

The waiter was understandably befuddled and Riya soon rectified her mistake. But this is not an incident that will soon be forgotten and will make for an interesting anecdote!