Kriti-Sanon-Brisk-Response-on-Controversial-PictureKriti Sanon landed into controversy land with her recent photo shoot with Cosmopolitan India who bared her sizzling picture on the cover page of August issue. This time nothing wrong with the outfit or skin show, it is the Giraffe (it is dummy though) hanging on the top that made people get mad at her.

The actress sported stunning high neck top and the sparkling pants in the picture as she posed a feminine look touching the Giraffe’s chin that is hanging above. People couldn’t restrict their anger for what is portrayed over the picture calling it atrocity towards animals. Dummy or real, the Giraffe there didn’t look right for many who slammed the actress and the Cosmopolitan on the internet with a storm of trolls.

The actress responding on the issue said, “It was a normal photo shoot in a palace kind of hotel in London; the decor was in the wildlife zone. It’s all fake. I am an animal lover”. No idea if this response can calm down the trolls but it is still a hypothetical situation to judge.