Aaradhya-Bachchan-to-Become-the-PM-of-IndiaChanging the name and changing a few letters in the name has become very common nowadays whenever people consult astrologers to change their stars for a better life. One astrologer by name D Gyaneshwar made several claims about a few celebrities.

One of them is about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s daughter Aaradhya Bachchan. According to the astrologer, the girl can become the Prime Minister of the country provided she changes her name to Rohini. He also foresees Rajinikanth as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and Narendra Modi’s re-election as the PM in 2019.

Besides politics, the astrologer said that there would be a war between India and Pakistan in 2024. Earlier, it seems his prediction about Congress Party coming to power in 2009, in the undivided Andhra Pradesh came true and also claims that he foretold Chiru and Rajini’s entry into politics. By the way, Gyaneshwar is a Hyderabad-based astrologer.