Aamir's chart brings down the pointer by 13!Gaining weight and losing weight is something big for actors who want to look their character they are playing. Aamir Khan has gained over 22 kgs of weight in three months and sported a bulked up look, to look a middle-aged wrestler for his film ‘Dangal’.

Now he has lost a whopping 13 kgs weight in just a month. The reason is his strict schedule. The time-chart Aamir Khan followed is making rounds in media at present which reveals how he did cycling, trekking, swimming, playing tennis etc besides a particular diet.

This shows how disciplined the actor had been to lose so much weight in such a short time. But his unquestionable persistence has been instrumental in doing so. All this weight loss regime happened while he was abroad. Now he will continue the same in India to lose remaining extra flab.