Malhaar RathodThis is not the first of the tales that we get to hear in recent times and we surely know that this one isn’t going to be the last one, either. One aspiring actress, Malhaar Rathod like many others has faced the same situation that we call as casting couch or ‘commitment’.

A 65-year old producer asked the actress to lift her top up for offering her part in his movie. After getting back to senses after the initial shock, the actress who was a teenager then walked away from him and his movie offer.

This comes as a shock, but this has been the way, the glamour industry has been working for decades with casting couch appearing in different forms. That was Malhaar Rathod’s experience when she came to Mumbai in 2008, as a teenager.

Though she didn’t get roles in films, the actress succeeded in grabbing several advertisements of the reputed brands and also did television shows that made her a known face among the television viewers in the North.